What Is the Next Big Cryptocurrency To Explode in 2022?

What Is the Next Big Cryptocurrency To Explode in 2022

Cryptocurrency may have begun as a maverick-dominated Wild West of investment, but it is now firmly entrenched in the mainstream of finance. Despite recent volatility and regulatory crackdowns in China and elsewhere, institutional investors and large banks see it as a significant asset.

Consider this as proof of how volatile: As of June 2, the price of one bitcoin has fluctuated during the previous year from a low of $28,893.62 to an all-time high of $68,789.63.

Many cryptocurrency investors are still waiting for the next big payout despite the market’s volatility. To find out which cryptocurrencies could take off soon, keep reading.

Which Cryptocurrency Is Set To Explode?

You may be asking which cryptocurrency has the highest potential return if you’re seeking to start investing. Bitcoin may seem like the obvious pick, but that doesn’t mean it will be the best in 2022. With a smaller currency that hasn’t previously been inflated up by institutional investors the way bitcoin has, your chances of getting a significant payout could be greater.

These six coins all have potential high ceilings.

1. Ethereum  (ETH)

The second-largest cryptocurrency in the world after bitcoin is ether, which sometimes outperforms bitcoin. Ethereum had a significant update last year that included a decrease in the ether supply, which is now at 121.02 billion tokens. The update also increases the number of transactions the Ethereum network can process per second, increases the platform’s scalability, and lowers transaction costs.

Ethereum is less scarce than bitcoin, whose quantity is limited to 21 million coins, and is not as widely used by businesses and governments. Ethereum, in contrast to bitcoin, is more than simply a store of money. It serves as a foundation for the development of applications. Ethereum is the base of decentralized finance and is used to issue other cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum is now in a severe downturn, having lost more than 50% of its value since the start of the year, which is roughly comparable to other significant cryptocurrencies. According to some experts, the current low price offers investors who have been waiting for the proper moment to test the cryptocurrency waters a fantastic purchasing opportunity. Additionally, existing investors who made high-priced purchases and would gain from dollar-cost averaging may be interested in the currency.

2. Binance Coin (BNB)

In terms of trade volumes, Binance is the most successful cryptocurrency exchange. Similar to bitcoin, the circulating supply of binance coin tokens is strictly capped at 165,116,760 tokens. This contributed to an exponential rise in token price in 2021. Additionally, Binance invests around one-fifth of its quarterly revenues in “burning,” or permanently getting rid of, BNB tokens, which increases the value of the tokens that remain.

Due to its two blockchains, Binance is less susceptible to the kind of congestion that Ethereum faces. It’s also quick and scalable, and according to Seeking Alpha, Binance is working to make the platform more regulator-friendly, a trait that might be essential to its durability and broad use. Additionally, according to CoinMarketCap, Binance is introducing Bifinity, a fiat-to-cryptocurrency payment platform that will assist businesses in becoming ready to accept digital assets as payment. Major payment networks like Visa and Mastercard are supported together with more than 50 cryptocurrencies on the payment processing platform.

The fact that binance coin outperformed bitcoin and ethereum last year and is ready to do so again this year is another factor in its favor. Binance coin may be prepared to take off if the Binance exchange moves into Europe as InvestorPlace claims it has signaled it would.

3. Tether (USDT)

Because it is backed by another asset, the “stablecoin” known as Tether is intended to provide a less volatile alternative to bitcoin. In the instance of tether, that asset is the dollar. Tether is less volatile than cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether since its worth often equates to one dollar, with “usually” serving as the important word.

According to Bloomberg, Tether recently momentarily fell to $0.9455, its lowest price since December 2020, before rising to its usual price of more than 99 cents. The event sparked a sell-off as investors rushed into bitcoin and other coins now selling at what some consider to be steep discounts out of fear that Tether would fall like another stablecoin, Terra, even though analysts disagree over whether the decline truly constituted a “de-pegging” from the dollar.

Tether is the biggest stablecoin and third-largest coin overall, with a market valuation of $72.48 billion. It is also the most widely traded stablecoin, and cryptocurrency traders use it to store money or conduct transactions with money they wish to safeguard against price fluctuations to which bitcoin, ether, and other non-stable cryptocurrencies are susceptible. Without worrying about volatility wiping away your profits, you may also lend it to cryptocurrency platforms in exchange for double-digit annualized interest rates.

4. Decentraland (MANA)

On the Ethereum blockchain, there is a virtual reality game called Decentraland that makes use of the MANA token as its in-game money. Users may make and monetise their own content as well as buy products and services, land, and visit other gamers.

In terms of market cap, MANA is the biggest gaming cryptocurrency. Despite competition from coins like The Sandbox and ApeCoin and the high cost of in-game assets (land parcels recently offered on Blockee varied in price from a few thousand dollars to over $22 million), it has several advantages that could help the token advance.

5. Algorand (ALGO)

Known computer scientist Silvio Micali established ALGO, which has positioned itself as a rival to the Ethereum blockchain. According to Securities.io, it is used by hundreds of businesses, and last year, El Salvador announced that Algorand will be used to build its blockchain infrastructure.

One of ALGO’s main benefits is its “proof-of-stake” algorithm, which uses less power than Bitcoin and other platforms while providing a high level of security and scalability. The significance of this functionality will only increase as cryptocurrency is increasingly criticized for its high energy use and may even be subject to regulation.

6. RenderToken (RNDR)

A network for generating graphics called RenderToken enables miners with additional GPU bandwidth to distribute it to creative studios and artists that want more processing power. The native token used by miners and creators on the Render Network is called RNDR.

RNDR went on sale to the general public in 2017, although it was just recently listed on the Coinbase market. Even though it is very speculative, RNDR could gain from the greater visibility it is receiving on Coinbase and the remarkable growth of non-fungible tokens for digital art.

How To Spot the Next Big Cryptocurrency

Understanding why so many investors are drawn to cryptocurrencies in the first place is helpful before determining which cryptocurrency may be the next big winner. According to Jeff Dorman, chief investment officer of Arca, a financial services company that focuses in digital assets, a significant portion of it has to do with a fundamental shift in how digital assets are seen.

Gains and Profits from Crypto

Market capitalization and price are two factors to watch when trying to find the next big cryptocurrency, similar to what a stock investor would watch.

The market capitalization of a network reveals the total amount of investment. Generally speaking, assets with higher market caps are more stable, but they typically have smaller potential upsides. In order to ascertain if investors are optimistic or bearish on the cryptocurrency, it is also crucial to monitor the price.


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