Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin That You Wouldn’t Expect

Investing in Bitcoin and utilizing it as a means of payment is becoming more popular. But what exactly can you buy? Here are 15 things that will wow you!
There’s good news if you have a few bitcoins burning a hole in your (digital) wallet: more merchants than ever are taking cryptocurrencies as payment, even those you wouldn’t anticipate.
Here are some of the most strange and shocking items you can purchase with Bitcoin. Also, keep an eye out. The number of businesses that accept bitcoins is growing.


You’ve undoubtedly heard that bitcoins can be used to purchase a Tesla. It’s gotten a lot of attention, but it’s not simple.
If you decide to purchase a Tesla using Bitcoin, you must follow through or you will miss out on the chance.
You’ll have just 30 minutes to complete your purchase, and Tesla will not offer refunds for overpayments or transactions submitted to the incorrect address.
You can purchase a BMW with bitcoins if you have a method to have a car moved from the United Kingdom, but you’ll have to go via a third-party service.


Are you in the market for new furniture? Overstock is willing to accept your Bitcoin. Simply add the products to your basket and choose “Pay with Bitcoin” at the checkout. Of course, there’s a catch. Only gift cards, in-store credit, Club O points, and/or discounts may be combined with bitcoins.

3.Pizza In the United States

It’s still difficult to purchase pizza using bitcoins. But it is possible. To get started, you’ll just need a third-party app.
To order Domino’s Pizza using bitcoins, you’ll use a service called Lightning Pizza to transfer tiny amounts of your money to the eatery.

4.Easy-to-prepare Meals

While you’re thinking about food, there are a few fast-food establishments that will accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Subway is one among them. Over the last decade, a number of places have declared their support of Bitcoin.

5.A Pair of Socks


Yes, bitcoins may be used to keep your feet toasty.
MtSocks sells a variety of interesting socks that can be purchased using bitcoins.
The Unisocks Exchange allows you buy and sell socks using digital money if you’re looking for a sock exchange. To get started, you’ll need to link your digital wallet.

There aren’t many places where you can buy sweets with bitcoins because of the processing costs that come with smaller transactions. SweetBit, a Bitcoin-enabled candy dispenser, was created by one company.

7.Tickets to the Event

Bitcoin’s technology shines in digital transactions. It’s no wonder, therefore, that there are a range of choices for purchasing event tickets online, such as the Oakland A’s offering a six-person suite for one bitcoin.
The Dallas Mavericks not only accept bitcoin payments, but they also give you a discount on items if you do so.
Both Bitcoin and Litecoin are accepted by the Miami Dolphins.
Residents of Manhattan may purchase concert tickets with bitcoins via a local startup called Blockparty.
There are plugins that make it simple to take Bitcoin payments from guests if you’re presenting an event. Big Tickets and other such services make purchases easier and less stressful for you.

8.A Vacation

A vacation Several airlines, notably CheapAir, now accept Bitcoin payments.
A growing number of hotels, notably The Kessler Group, a premium hotel company located in the United States, are accepting Bitcoin.
Consider going to Vegas with your cryptocurrencies if you really want to blow it. Bitcoin ATMs may be found all around the city, as well as in hotels. Bitcoins are accepted at both the D and the Golden Gate.

9.Electronic Devices

Are you looking for technological devices? Bring your bitcoins to Newegg, a website that allows you to pay with them straight from your Bitcoin wallet.
You won’t be restricted to computers and software since Newegg offers everything from gaming seats to drones. On Newegg, you can even purchase pressure washers and dishwashers.

10.Television Service

Consider transferring your monthly TV subscription to your Bitcoin wallet if you have enough bitcoins to handle recurrent payments. Dish was one of the first companies to take Bitcoin in 2014, and it currently accepts both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. BitPay is used to handle subscription payments for the service.


Funerals may be costly, whether you choose burial or cremation for your loved ones or yourself. Why not consider a purchase that might make your family’s time of mourning a little less difficult if you have bitcoins you don’t know what to do with?
At least a number of funeral homes now accept Bitcoin as a payment method.
Crescent Tide Funeral & Cremation Services in St. Paul, Minnesota, was the first in the United States to take bitcoins in 2014.


Going to the movies may be costly, particularly if you’re purchasing tickets for the whole family. You can’t use Bitcoin to purchase popcorn or drinks, but you can use it to buy tickets. is one of the most well-known retailers that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. You may purchase tickets to around 900 movie theaters throughout the United States using the site, which allows you to input your zip code to view just the movies and theaters in your region.

13.Work of Art

Christie’s made headlines when it announced that it will take Ether cryptocurrency as payment at their auctions. Obviously, if you just have Bitcoin, this won’t assist you, but there are other choices.
Verisart has created a platform that allows artists to take Bitcoin easily, so your favorite local artist could be happy to accept it for your purchases. There’s also a big list of art galleries in the United States that accept Bitcoin as payment.

14.A Frappuccino

You’ll need the Bakkt app, but you can now pay with bitcoins at Starbucks shops around the nation. Your bitcoins will be converted into Starbucks Cards, which will be kept in your Starbucks app account. Then you’ll pay using the app on the shop.

15.A College Diploma

King’s College in New York City started accepting Bitcoin as payment for tuition in 2014. Following that, a few additional colleges began to accept cryptocurrencies as payment.
However, you are not required to make the payment using your digital wallet. Many kids and their families just buy Bitcoin and then cash out when it’s time to pay. After graduation, you might invest in Bitcoin and utilize the proceeds to pay off any student debts you accrued while in school. However, there are significant drawbacks to this strategy, including the possibility that Bitcoin’s value would plummet as college tuition continues to grow.


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