The Emergence and Growth of Ripple XRP

The Emergence and Growth of Ripple XRP

Historical Context

XRP is a unique cryptocurrency in the world of cryptocurrencies. It is decentralized, but not to the same extent as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Unlike them, it does not attempt to be a replacement for the old banking system, but rather to partner with and enhance it. Nonetheless, because to its numerous distinguishing qualities and significant advances, it is a cryptocurrency that has the potential to outlive others.

After the lawsuit, the SEC vs. Ripple: XRP Price Prediction

The lawsuit against ripple has been a key impediment to the bull market’s price rise. Despite the fact that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does not consider Ethereum or Bitcoin, which have features comparable to XRP, to be securities, the SEC has continued to be hard on Ripple Labs, Inc.

The price of XRP dropped by 70% soon after the lawsuit was filed, and it has never recovered to its prior all-time high of $3. Major crypto exchanges including Coinbase and have paused trade, making it impossible for XRP holders to cash out. Earlier this month, JP Morgan’s North America Equity Research produced a paper claiming that the XRP asset is primed for widespread adoption.

Ripple Partners With Republic Of Palau

Regardless of the challenges that XRP is facing in the United States, it has formed a number of strategic alliances. The Republic of Palau has teamed with XRP to build its own digital currency. The XRP ledger would be used by the national stable currency owing to its carbon-neutral and energy-efficient properties, according to Ripple’s release.

The Republic of Palau, like El Salvador, lacks its own fiat currency and is heavily reliant on the US dollar. The partnership’s goal is for ripple to create a strategic cross-border payment system for Palau’s unbanked inhabitants.

According to Ripple CEO, the SEC versus Ripple case would ‘likely’ finish in 2022.

During an interview with CNBC, the CEO claimed that the litigation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is reaching its conclusion. The judges, according to Brad Garlinghouse, have grasped that the case has bigger consequences than XRP and are starting to ask excellent questions. XRP holders also submitted “friends of the court” affidavits in favor of Ripple, allowing them to join the lawsuit as defendants. Individual XRP holders, on the other hand, cannot be named as defendants in the current litigation, according to the court.

Ripple XRP’s Emergence and Development

Ripple has been around for quite some time. RipplePay was founded in 2004, however the case of its invention was too early for its time, as it had no substantial impact. However, it resurfaced in 2012 as Ripple and issued the XRP coin shortly after.

Ripple XRP is a cryptocurrency that is unlike any other. XRP is a Ripple Labs product that varies on a number of levels, including:

Ripple is not a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, the currency does not need blockchain technology to function. It is instead built on Ripple Protocol Technology, which eliminates the need for a distributed ledger database. To validate and execute transactions, the firm employs gateways connected to servers in several regions across the globe.

It is not possible to mine XRP.

While mining is considered a fundamental aspect of all coins, this is not the case with XRP. The business has established a limit of 100 billion XRP currencies to be minted. Over 35% of the currency has been put into circulation. The remainder is retained by the firm, which distributes it on a regular basis to maintain control over the token’s supply and circulation. Because the amount of coins in circulation decreases with each transaction, Bitcoin is a deflationary asset.

Ripple network is centralized

Ripple Lab, the main firm of this virtual asset, aims to form agreements with regular financial institutions such as banks. The firm offers its RippleNet technology to these institutions, which boosts the adoption of Ripple XRP, the company’s native coin. RippleNet is a technology that links banks and makes cross-border payments and settlements easier.

It also has various benefits due to the differences between Ripple XRP and other cryptocurrencies. Here are a few examples:

Quick Transaction Times

One of the most important selling features of Ripple technology is this. Transactions are faster than those of other cryptocurrencies and outperform those of conventional banking’s SWIFT wire transfer system. Because XRP transfers are very rapid, it is a better option for banks to enable cross-border payments. In addition, the ripple transaction protocol is quite efficient.


Traditional banking system transactions, as well as those involving various cryptocurrencies, are notorious for having high transaction fees. This cost, however, is significantly reduced to a pittance with digital money.

Transaction Reversibility

Another advantage is that the transaction may be reversed or altered to correct any errors that may occur.

Because of these capabilities, the Ripple network has been able to form major agreements with established financial institutions. It has also affected the value of Ripple XRP’s rise over time.

South Pacific Expansion

It is true that Ripple’s recent relationship with SBI, a Japanese payment giant, has drew the attention of a number of technological companies in the South Pacific area, and it is predicted that Ripple technology will spread across the region.

The Ripple remittance arrangement has been described as “laying the groundwork” for a much wider adoption of Ripple. The Ripple security lawsuit does not seem to be bothering Japanese regulators or SBI officials.


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