Platinum VS Gold: Which You Choose For Jewelry?

Platinum VS Gold Which You Choose For Jewelry

The worth and beauty of the precious metals platinum and gold are appreciated. They both make wonderful gifts and investments, but they do differ in a few key ways. Some of these variations are instantly noticeable, while others are more unexpected.

We’ll look at these precious metals’ color, comfort, aesthetic, upkeep, durability, and worth below. To compare gold with platinum, continue reading.

A Direct Comparison between Platinum and Gold

SILVER VS. GOLD: The most obvious distinction between platinum and gold is color. Platinum is just white, whereas most people think of gold as being yellow. However, gold comes in a variety of hues, with white gold seeming the most like platinum.

Nickel, zinc, and copper alloys with a rhodium plating are found in white gold. Contrarily, platinum has a pure composition of 95–98% platinum and just a small amount of alloys.

Rhodium plating on white gold gives it a brilliant silvery-white tone and safeguards your ring. However, with time the rhodium plating wears off and causes the white gold to appear more yellow. If that happens, you can ask your jeweler to have it replated to get it back to being white. The color of platinum, on the other hand, is a natural one and will never turn yellow.

While platinum and gold both have beautiful surfaces, platinum keeps its gleam longer than white gold. After a while, white gold will lose its luster and require polishing and replating.


Other alloys (metals) are added when making jewelry to alter the color, strength, gloss, etc. Some of these metals, though, can cause skin responses. Nickel is the most notable culprit. If you have sensitive skin or a nickel allergy, use “hypoallergenic” products.

For instance, platinum is a hypoallergenic metal and is therefore extremely rare to cause a skin reaction. The most allergy-friendly type of gold to consider is yellow gold.

Gold is less dense and lighter than platinum when it comes to the weight of your jewelry, so it might be more pleasant to wear.

Because platinum is softer than 14k gold, it scratches more easily than the latter. The composition of 14k gold is 58.3% gold and the remaining percentages are alloys that make the metal difficult to scratch or dent.

Platinum has the benefit of not losing any platinum when it is scratched, though. Rather, the platinum metal merely moves to a different region on the surface. To get back to the immaculate surface, this is simply repairable and buffable. Gold scratches cause the actual metal to fall off the surface, making polishing a little more difficult.

Additionally, scratched platinum rings have a patina finish that has an antique appearance; this may appeal to some people.


White gold and platinum have a very similar appearance, however platinum will last longer because to its strength and purity. Every few years, white gold will need to be re-plated, which isn’t a major thing but requires a little more work.

Yellow gold is a fantastic alternative if you’re not married to a white metal for a variety of reasons. You might choose a slightly tinted diamond when looking for an engagement ring because it needs less upkeep than other tints.

Against a white metal like platinum, a diamond with a tinge will stand out. A slightly colored diamond, however, will look colorless and contrast beautifully with yellow gold.

Different combinations of copper and silver are added to various red, pink, and rose gold alloys to change their color. If you prefer the rosey hue and want economical, long-lasting jewelry, this can be a perfect choice.


The most maintenance is required to keep white gold’s hue. To keep it from going yellow, you will need to polish and replate it every few years. While polishing and occasionally replating are needed to maintain the appearance of yellow gold and rose gold, you can usually get by with simple home cleanings.

Platinum jewelry, like any jewelry, is susceptible to scratches and fading over time. However, you can usually get away with regular housecleanings to keep it shining. Furthermore, polishing platinum smoothes the object rather than thins the metal, allowing for unlimited reapplication.

Platinum is the best choice if little maintenance is high on your priority list. Platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold are the metals that require the least amount of upkeep. White gold requires the most upkeep, while platinum requires the least.


While platinum is more resilient than gold, both precious metals are powerful. It lasts longer than gold because of its higher density and chemical makeup, which make it less likely to break. Because of the metal’s chemical makeup, it also moves when it is struck, preventing any precious metal from being lost.

Platinum is softer than 14k gold despite being stronger. Therefore, it scratches more quickly. Higher karat gold (18k & 24k) is considerably softer and comparable to platinum in terms of scratch resistance.

Due to its high copper concentration, rose gold is the most robust of the gold alloys.


Almost often, platinum is worth more than gold. Platinum is a more rare metal, and platinum rings are purer and denser than gold rings. Additionally, platinum is more expensive per ounce, therefore rings frequently cost 40–50% more than gold.

Platinum has a touch of prestige to it as well. American Express Platinum credit cards, for instance, offer greater membership benefits than Gold cards.

Putting aside credit comparisons, a white gold ring is considerably less expensive than a platinum one. You will almost always pay less for gold than platinum, though the price does vary on the carat.


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