Methods for Purchasing SafeMoon on Trust Wallet

Methods for Purchasing SafeMoon on Trust Wallet

SafeMoon, one of the most talked-about “memecoins,” has seen substantial growth since its launch in 2021. It hopes to gain from the acceptance of tokens like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. In that many traders are trying to buy the token in the belief that its price would rise similarly to that of other memecoins, it has had some success.
One of the places to get SafeMoon is Trust Wallet, a non-custodial wallet that connects users to hundreds of thousands of currencies. Here, we go through SafeMoon’s features, purchasing information, and storage location.

What is SafeMoon?

SafeMoon, a cryptocurrency, aims to reach the kind of acceptance that Dogecoin and other memecoins have. Success, nevertheless, has only accrued to the original investors. Many customers purchased the SafeMoon using TrustWallet for as low as $0.000000001.

At that time, the coin was valued at a peak of $0.000011. Unexpected price changes are more than enough to excite buyers, but there are hazards involved in discovering the next big thing in cryptocurrencies.

Celebrities supporting the token that has generated a lot of social media buzz include Lil Yachty, Nick Carter, and YouTuber Logan Paul. The objective is to strengthen the technical underpinnings of the token so that SafeMoon may go beyond its present status as a memecoin.

Still, a word of warning is in order. Never risk more money than you can afford to lose on a cryptocurrency investment.

Where Can I Buy Safemoon?

The currency SafeMoon runs on the Binance Smart Chain. The currency is now more widely available, which is fantastic news, but this may still be an issue on some of the main exchanges due to its popularity on several social networking platforms.

SafeMoon may, however, be exchanged on a variety of exchanges. Once you have some prior knowledge, you should be able to navigate these sites without much difficulty. SafeMoon may now be exchanged using Trust Wallet on PancakeSwap. You may also find it on Bitmart,, MEXC, and Bitrue.

SafeMoon’s 10% anti-day trading transaction fee is one of its unique characteristics. The developers claim that this encourages the token’s long-term growth. You must pay the charge when you sell the token. The long-term holders of the token will benefit from this.

Purchase Safemoon with Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that accepts a variety of tokens.

Purchasing SafeMoon using Trust Wallet is the easiest method to get this token. Let’s look at the simple steps required to quickly and safely execute the transaction.

Getting the purchase ready

  1. Download Trust Wallet first.

Visit the Google Play or the App Store. Search for “Trust Wallet” and download the program.

  1. Create a profile

The next step is to create your account. Keep a careful eye on the information about your security. You’ll find your 12-word recovery phrase. Furthermore, you get a private key. Make care to keep this information safe and easily accessible. You may use this to recover access to your account in the event that your device is stolen or breaks down due to a technical problem.

  1. Add money to your Trust Wallet.

You’ll need BNB in order to make purchases using Trust Wallet. BNB is the native currency of the Binance Smart Chain, the network that drives the Binance ecosystem.

Keep in mind that Smart Chain will be used for all Trust Wallet transactions (BNB). As a consequence, if not for the fees themselves, you will require BNB for all transactions. BNB may be easily bought using Binance. As an alternative, you may purchase it directly from the Trust Wallet app by using your card and MoonPay, Ramp, or Transak.

  1. Include Safemoon in your Trust Wallet.

The bulk of tokens must be manually inserted since Trust Wallet supports a broad range of them. From the home screen, type “SafeMoon” into the app’s search bar. Select “Add custom token” to manually enter the results if none are shown.

The network must first be updated. By clicking in the top-right corner, choose “Ethereum.” Instead, call this a “Smart Chain.” After the sign “SFM,” add “SafeMoon,” and choose a name with nine decimals. You must also provide the “Contract Address.” This is available on the coin’s CoinMarketCap website. The current address of SafeMoon V2 is 0x42981d0bfbAf196529376EE702F2a9Eb9092fcB5.

The same steps may be used to add any more coins to Trust Wallet (Note that SafeMoon V2 can be searched for in Trust Wallet, while the older version must be input manually).

Obtain SafeMoon

You are now ready to purchase SafeMoon. You may purchase SafeMoon using Trust Wallet by utilizing the PancakeSwap DEX.

To use Pancakeswap, you need to go to the “DApps” tab. Enter “PancakeSwap” into “Connect,” “TrustWallet,” and then “Connect.” After you achieve DEX, you may exchange BNB for SafeMoon. The token’s contract address must either be manually input or chosen from a menu.

It’s also necessary to confirm the Pancakeswap safety caution. In addition, you must increase the slippage fee, a deal-helping buffer, to at least 12 percent. To change the slipping, choose “Settings” in the top-right corner. When you are prepared, confirm the transaction. Hello, you are now the proprietor of SFM.

Following a transaction, SFM will show up in your balance on the Trust Wallet home page. You may also save your tokens in the SafeMoon mobile app wallet.

Can you make money investing in SafeMoon?

Risks may affect any marketable asset. Do your own homework before making any investments, and never risk more than you can afford to lose. Being a memecoin, which historically have been volatile, SafeMoon is especially susceptible to volatility.

If you have made the decision to purchase the token, you should think about using a non-custodial wallet. We have detailed below how to purchase SafeMoon on Trust Wallet. It offers a plethora of useful capabilities in addition to keeping the token in your hands.


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