Gold Digger: The Next Cryptocurrency to Explode at 2022

Cryptocurrency is growing more and more popular in recent years with the uprising of its value and specific crypto assets. It has enlarged its territory by recruiting players and the growing occupation of currency market share. However, since the crash happened lately, lots of investors are set in a dilemma without knowing to retreat or go on boldly. With a continuous downhill the cryptocurrency market taking, many investors and experts are bewildered about the future of the whole market and certain currencies. But one thing is for sure that all the currencies will bounce back sooner or later, which is not a question about if, but about when mainly. Therefore, in the time of downturn, those gold digger are more eager to find out what is or are the next cryptocurrency/cryptocurrencies to explode at the year of 2022. It’s time for us to dive in some advise given by experts in profession or in life.

10 cryptocurrencies are wildly acknowledged as the most worthwhile to be invested in. Let’s get more details by checking following content.

Bitcoin: Still Remain the Giant of Cryptocurrency to Be Exploded

As the major cryptocurrency in crypto market, Bitcoin plays its role as a leading figure all the time. Despite the history of nearly becoming worthless and the dilemma it meets recently, it makes its reputation by multiple players and lager share in the market still. Just as a old saying goes in china, “a dead camel is still bigger than a horse when it meets its doom”. Not to mention it still has solid underlying use cases. As Redditors (the users of Reddit) pointed out, Bitcoin investment is still promising even in the face of drawdown.


  A leading option picked up by some experts. As they indicated, you cannot go wrong with it in any circumstance. Dwelled in such strong words, it seems fairly trustworthy.

Unlike Bitcoin, which is used as a way of sending money mainly, Ethereum is the first project to introduce smart contracts, allowing developers to launch desktop and mobile decentralized applications (dApps), so as to give any collaboration maximum flexibility. Another trustworthy reason for investing lies in that a large and highly efficient loyal team and community is behind it.

Dogecoin(also known as Shiba Inu)

If you are active in social media or online community, the Dogecoin must grab your attention at least once. For the doge emoji is lively and full with fun in it. Net citizens talk about it with humorous manners. How about print it in a coin and made it a icon of the cryptocurrency. By standing on the shoulder of giant, Shiba Inu makes the success of Dogecoin into another level. However, the hardcore of Shiba Inu’s success is not the humor it brings, but the focus on the development of fundamentals required and use cases. It gained or even doubled its price since the announcement of paying through it is allowed by Space X. Nowadays, it launches “ShibaSwap”, a decentralized exchange which offers functions such as token swapping, staking mechanisms, a dedicated NFT marketplace. Seeing form a through view, the uprising of Dogecoin is inevitable for sure.

  Though Dogecoin is a volatile investment,it could make you a very decent profit out of it if you learn to how to use your advantages. So as other cryptocurrencies.


With its strengths of incredibly fast processing times and minimal transaction costs, Ripple gains some companies and individuals applause and is regarded as the next cryptocurrency to explode at 2022. Some Redditors are sending the words out to public that they are rooting for Ripple and will wait its day to shine in the whole crypto market.


With the same advantage as Ethereum possesses, its huge selling point is the operation of smart contracts. Cardano is a platform with advantages of stability, scalability, and flexibility. So we can infer boldly that the smart contract market is still opening and willing to attract as lot participants as it can. Besides, it has a large market cap, which is the first choice for those who believe firmly that our future is moving towards a decentralized one.  

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a cryptocurrency platform that aims to change the way individuals participate in jackpot drawings and win rewards. With the background of being hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), it earns the largest amount of new subscribers in the whole world within a second.

According to the ranking by Rudditors, Luck Block is the No.1 choice of the exploration of the next cryptocurrency. They even gave their warning that one should invest in it now. But why? First, it is the fastest crypto to hit 1 billion dollars; secondly, as what mentioned above, it has the speed of gaining more than 50,000 investors within first 50 days; thirdly, its free daily jackpot entry for all investors; Lastly, the Play-to-Earn rewards.

With abundant good points all in one, no wonder it is the first choice who some investors are looking forward to throw themselves into it.

All in all, new cryptocurrency is emerging in endlessly. The evaluation standard about which or whether are set in only in one : the future of the cryptocurrency itself.


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